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Women’s embroidered shirts

Embroidery by ETNODIM

Embroidery by ETNODIM - a luxury and comfort in one bottle.

Ideal embroidery is one, in which you feel comfortable and at the same time effectively. Such embroidered shirts create designers "Etnodim."
Free cut gives freedom of movement and variety of models and colors of shirts will choose the model that is right for you.
Embroidery can be put on a solemn event or even walk it together with accessories in style casual. This dress looks spectacular with high heels, classic shoes, sandals and boots on the platform. If you want a bit of hooliganism, superb pair will be shoes.


Why choose embroidery by ETNODIM?

• We always care about the quality of the fabric. Natural linen, which our sewn shirts, comfortable to wear in the summer and in the cold season - it breathes and keeps warm when needed. Embroidered shirts will last you 5-7 and even 10 years if give them careful washing mode. An important advantage is the fact that, unlike cotton fabric with added elastane, linen embroidered women's shirts are not stretched.

• We decorate clothing with traditional embroidery techniques – stitch and openwork. There are patterns embroidered by hand and by machine. Hand fulls of special energy products. But equally luxurious look of embroidery machine products - with the same Ukrainian ornament from the front and side. All stitches lie evenly and more tightly, so the thing is easier to maintain. Some details sometimes embroider on a typewriter or by hand on the workpiece. Then sew it into clothing. Embroidery with such elements are cheaper than embroidery on the fabric.

• Ukrainian embroidery serves as a bright accent your image. Massive geometric patterns almost saturated colors need to complement the accessories. They are ideal for occasions when you want to make a minimum of effort and get the best result. Models with small ornaments to ask a company or ethnic wooden accessories. Special chic - this dress and embroidered with Ukrainian embroidered white on white, they resemble vintage embroidered dresses. They can easily complement classic minimalistic jewelery or ornaments of silver. We also offer versatile dresses and embroidered without embroidery, which will be an excellent foundation for creating your individual and unique image.

 • For embroidery we use cotton, acrylic yarn, floss. Cotton thread linen to fit models, after washing give approximately the same shrinkage of natural fabrics. Acrylic thread and floss long to lose color brightness.

vyshyvanka What about colors?

- A wide palette of shades of embroidery ETNODIM help choose the color that exactly suited the future owner of the shirt.

- If your exterior contrasting with dark eyes bright and rich hair color, you will approach the same active colors shirts.

- Soft, moist appearance - blond hair and eyes, asks the same bright colors and dress to accentuate natural beauty.

- If you're the type of traditional Slavic appearance, with moderate contrast, fair-haired mid-tone and eyes, choose colors such as contrast medium and restrained palette.

- Universal recipe that can be given to owners of all types of exterior is eye color. They shine brighter and richer shades will take when you put on this shirt "their" color. It is then easy to see and hard to forget.

How to buy?

✓ Check out the photos in our catalog online store. Here is a lot of design patterns and embroidery handmade by a small price.
✓ We offer shirts with muslin, linen, chiffon and homespun cloth.
✓ You can order several sizes delivery or visit our store in Kiev.
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