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Coat & Jackets

Каталог: Раздел: РедактированиеThe coat is one of the most essential things in a woman's wardrobe.

Stylish women's coats remained popular for decades, changing and improving the silhouette, shape and color.
This item of outerwear is popular in the autumn and winter. The coats is a very universal thing. And in spite of the variety of different fashion winter down jackets, wearing a coat, a woman becomes more graceful, charming, luxurious and special.

It is important to look bright and unique not only in the warm season, but also in autumn and winter. Coat- is the key to your stylish and unique image in the cool season.It should be in the wardrobe of every fashionista and can accentuate your personal style. Therefore, it is necessary to take seriously the selection of such necessary things that will keep you warm during the cold season. 

As a rule, material wich can keep warm and has warming properties is used for the manufacture of women's coats. Simultaneously, the fabric should be breathable and does not cause discomfort. Therefore, the best basis for women's autumn and winter coat is wool. 

Natural material does not allow to freeze even at considerable cold. Coat of wool little wrinkled and has the ability to smooth out, if you give the product to hang on a hanger.
Coats can be put like with jeans or with a skirt or pants strict. The same thing is with shoes. Boots, ankle boots, and bright sneakers or boots on a high platform are suitable to coat.

Coats decorated with embroidery are becoming increasingly popular. Previously embroidered patterns can be found on blouses or dresses. And now the beautiful embroidery of ethnic or natural ornaments decorates garments. 

Fashion coats of ETNODIM collection will allow you to create a bright and elegant image, harmoniously combining practicality with comfort and elegance!

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