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Women's embroidered dresses

Embroidered shirts are traditional clothes for the modern and fashionable women. 

embroidered dressesLovely embroidered dresses are the height of femininity. In such delicate clothes you will look very fresh, young and tender. Fine patterns, that decorate dresses, ideally emphasize the charm of your beautiful figure and hide its flaws. All presented models of the dresses in this section are good on women and the girls.

We use only natural fabrics to sew women's dresses. Linen, poplin, homespun fabric coupled with a neat embroidery look very modest and, at the same time, refined. During the work on the creation of traditional dresses, our designers took into account all the features of the material, expertly picked up the thread to the color and texture of the fabric. Due to this, decoration is clear and neat

Each of these models has a length just above the knee, this feature focuses our attention on the shapely female legs. Products with a belt perfectly underscore the fragile waist. A slightly tight fitting cut emphasizes the flowing curves of the body and creates a balanced silhouette. Cut products visually make the neck longer, that will surely make you more beautiful. We also want to emphasize an unusual model M11, which perfectly underlines the chest, slender shoulders, waistline and legs.

embroidered dressesOriginal embroidered dresses should be in the wardrobe of every fashionable woman, because they can serve as the basis for new, interesting look. Moreover, they can make your life more varied. In such image, you can go for a walk, to the office and even on a date. Despite its traditional nature, dresses are well combined with coats and jackets. It is better to choose shoes in similar style as this exquisite outfit. It is recommended to pay attention to the pumps or ballet shoes, shoes with a broad heel and woven platform sandals.

Our online store offers you find and buy embroidered shirt or dress, shoes, handmade accessories easily. Our great advantage is the use of: natural materials, a variety of techniques and unusual combinations. Rich ornaments, that embroidered on clothes, consist of ancient symbols that were used as amulets many years ago. Our skillful masters could save the art of embroidery and its traditional patterns. The exclusive products , which are created with love for you, are the proof of this.

Our grandmothers believed that the patterns of the embroidered shirt affects the people`s lives and could help them to make it better. For example, when people wanted to guard against disease and evil eye, they made the embroidery on edges of clothing - the sleeves, hem, collar and chest. Each ornament had its sacred meaning and was used as a talisman.


What embroidered shirt to choose?

Online store Etnodim can help to choose and buy women's shirts, which will suit you.

It is easy to combine women's embroidered shirts with a variety of styles - from business to casual, because the models, which are presented on our website have modern and trendy cut, and made with love. 

  • Delicate ornament white on white suits to business women.
  • Shy girls also like to wear these shirt 
  • More often we can meet celebrities dressed on embroidered shirts and shirts which are decorated with beads.
  • We recommend women's T-shirts for those people who prefer casual style 
  • The embroidery dress will give your image more feminine.
  • The wedding clothing was embroidered and decorated by flowers, in oder to ensure the prosperity of kind.
  • The clothing of mothers and married women were decorated by berries and fruits.
  • If you want visually to enlarge the breasts, choose a shirt with a bright pattern.
  • We recommend women of small stature to pay their attention to models with vertical embroidery, which visually stretched the silhouette.
  • The black embroidered shirt will help you to look slimmer.

How to buy?

• ✓ Please note the photo in the catalog of our online store. Here is a lot of hand-made models.

• ✓The kind of fabric which is used to make embroidered shirt is given in the description. We offer shirts from batiste, linen, chiffon, poplin and homespoon cloth.

• ✓ You can order the delivery of several sizes or visit our store in Kiev.

• ✓ Moreover, we offer worldwide shipping.

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