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Men’s embroidered shirts

Men's embroidered shirts are the clothes for real patriots! 

Каталог: Раздел: Редактирование Фото 2Nowadays men's embroidered shirts is a must have for every conscious Ukrainian, beginning from a president to a rock-star, from a student to a businessman. Moreover, it's not obligatory a piece of cloth worn for a special event.

An embroidered shirt was firstly combined with casual clothes way back by Ivan Franko. Exactly like this,  in shirt and jacket he is  portrayed on 20-hryvnia note.  Besides, you may remember a lot of buzz generated by a news presenter of 5th Channel Andriy Shevchenko, who was the first to appear live on TV  wearing embroidered shirt.

Men's embroidered shirt doesn't only create fancy and unique style but also is a  representation of free spirit, will and patriotism. This ethnic piece of clothes is popular far beyond the borders of Ukraine. Men's embroidered shirts can be noticed on  Americans, Australians and even Africans. Moreover, national patterns and ornaments are widespread further than a Ukrainian shirt. Currently, fashionable accessories are decorated with them, e.g., cars, planes. So if not a decorated cars fleet, at least men's embroidered shirts must be in your wardrobe.

Which model to choose?

There was a time when after looking at colors, content and embroidery technique, it was possible to determine in which part of Ukraine the owner of embroidery was born.  Much water has flowed under the bridges since then, but embroidery is still the link between generations, a common artifact to our immortal Cossacks nation. This is a tradition, through which the power and wisdom of the ancestors are acquired. Our forefathers believed that the symbols displayed on the chest, shoulders, and wrists protect them from hardships, and, depending on the patterns, help in various endeavors.

  • Hop was used in the embroidery workpieces of young men as it is associated with intoxicating love. Sometimes such shirts are also decorated with beads.
  • The leaves of oak, a tree of Perun, an ancient god, were to provide energy, courage and protection.
  • Grapes promoted setting patriarchy in the family. So, embroidering a shirt as a present to a husband, woman literally passed him over the power with her own hands.
  • Rhombuses with diamonds in the center is a kind of ideogram of a sown field, and thus, a sign of male fertility. Such clothes are to be worn until the family gets children.
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