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Embroidered shirts for girls

Children's embroidered shirts

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Children's embroidered shirts can be often seen on small patriots. Parents wear them in such shirts as national clothes imparts patriotic spirit to a kid, loyalty to folk traditions. Finally, this is attractive and fashionable. But several centuries ago children's  handicraft embroidered shirts were not only an impressive element of clothes  but a powerful talisman.  It was considered that embroidered shirt could protect a kid from  illnesses and 'bed eye'. No wonder that when it was said that 'baby was born in a shirt', it meant that the baby would have a happy destiny.

Children's embroidered shirts: how to choose? Children's shirts are not unusual in offline stores and in the Internet. How to make a choice in this variety?

First of all, they should ne made of natural, pleasant-to-wear fabric.

Floral patterns are preferable for girls, geometric patterns for boys.

Snowball trees would suit girls, they symbolize feminity and longevity of generation.

For boys, children's shirts with geometric symbols of oak leaves are preferable.

It is considered that Ukrainian children's embroidered shirts contain less patterns that adults' shirts.

For example,  the shirt decorated with rhombus with the central point, was to provide an owner with male power. Mothers often embroidered such figures with blue threads, which indicated the sky and the air.

Where to buy children's embroidery shirts?

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  • When looking for children's embroidery shirts, everyone for sure may head to supermarkets and markets. However, it's not needed when online shopping is so easy and comfortable.
  • EtnoDim online store offers a wide assortment of national clothes both for adults and kids. 
  • ✓ We offer wares made only of natural raw stuff, e.g., linen, muslin, silk and poplin or homespun cloth.
  • ✓ Our craftswomen use the best possible patterns and charts owing to which children feel comfortable, clothes fit them well and nothing restricts their movements.
  • ✓ They have learned the art of embroidery from their grannies, and so on.  In such a way, the sacred knowledge was passed over from generation to generation.
  • ✓ Finding the right piece of clothes is an easy task when using our website.
  • ✓ Looking through the photoes of clothes in the catalogue,  choosing the needed design would be simple.
  • ✓ For those of you not sure about the sizes, we offer delivery of several copies of wares.
  • ✓ We deliver all over Ukraine and abroad.
  • ✓ Finally, welcome to our offline store in Kyiv!
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