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children's shirts

Nowadays people buy children's shirts more often, because they instill the patriotic spirit and the devotion to Ukrainian traditions. Besides, it is modern, stylish and beautiful.

But several centuries ago the children`s embroidered shirt was not only an attribute of a beautiful wardrobe, but also a powerful talisman. It was believed that children's shirts were able to provide a child with protection from diseases and troubles and the evil eye. Our online store “EtnoDim” offers for children and their parents a great choice of embroidered shirts for different age from newborn to teenages.


Children embroidery: where to buy, what to choose?

Каталог: Раздел: Редактирование Фото 3- Today children`s embroidered shirts are not uncommon in Ukrainian shops. How not to lost and make the right choise in this variety ?

- Try to give preference to natural products, and ornaments - floral motifs for girls and geometric for boys.

- It is considered that a baby embroidered shirt should not have so much patterns, than adult one.

- It is better to choose girl`s shirts with viburnum, which symbolizes femininity and the immortality of the kind.

- Choose embroidered shirts with oak leaves geometric pattern for boys . For example, rhombus embroidery is a symbol of power and strength.

 The national handmade clothers is better to buy in online store Etnodim. It is quick, convenient and inexpensive.

 We offer:

 ✓to make a choice determine on the photo;

✓ order model as a retail and wholesale;

✓ arrange worldwide delivery.


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