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The name on the insole is important

Имя на стельке - имеет значение

Currently, the biggest problem for Ukrainian footwear manufacturers is that customers, when making a choice between a national and a foreign product, choose the second in most cases. Why?

Consider three main factors that affect this.

The trust

One of the problems of the Ukrainian footwear manufacturer is the low level of customer confidence in the brand. The consumer prefers brands that are time-tested, have a history and are world famous. Even quality is not the determining factor for the buyer: most people are used to choosing what they once tried, despite the fact that the Ukrainian product is presented at a high level.

This psychology of consumer behavior is inherent not only in the choice of shoes, but also in the entire segment of the sale of goods and services. This habit is formed after several direct links.


For the client, history is equivalent to professionalism. 

Thus, long-established companies have won the trust of customers through so-called "explosions" in the history of footwear: they created an innovative product.

For example, Geox is famous for its sole. And it all started with the fact that the founder of the company had an idea of a sole that would let in air, letting the foot "breathe", and at the same time not letting the moisture in. This led to the creation of a special membrane, which fully provided ventilation and protected against external factors. Now Geox is popular precisely because of this feature.

Another typical example of a successful invention is Crocs. At three friends who loved sailing, there was a need for shoes in which they can comfortably and conveniently do their favorite things. Not finding the right pair, they decided to create this with their own hands. The primary issue was, of course, the material. The inventors found a Canadian company that produced a unique polymer based on foamed resin that was strong and at the same time light, acquired the rights to this material and started a test production of footwear. Intuition did not fail: the shoes did not slip and did not cause any discomfort. The first batch had a grandiose success and now enjoys favor among buyers.


The main problem of the current situation is that no Ukrainian shoe manufacturer has a specific idea, a trusting history, an exact concept for which customers could pay such money that they are ready to give for world brands.

Often, Ukrainian footwear is bought only as an addition to the basic footwear, foreign eminent brand. Moreover, they pay attention only to the product that has an average price or below the average, since the decisive factor in buying is always the "name on the insole," the idea and the concept that is trusted.

It follows that the national producer needs to be surprised not only by the quality, but also the emotional component, because doing well and conscientiously is only half the case. The second is to establish an emotional connection with a person who will buy shoes, becoming a supporter of "Brenda's soul".

Our ETNODIM team aims to show our shoes to the whole world, to travel the streets of Kiev, Lviv, New York, London, Milan, Krakow, at all seasons and in all weathers.

Something about our shoes

1. Men's and women's shoes "W" 

The models got their name because of the perforation in the form of the letter W on the toe.

Manufactured on the Italian soles of Vibram, which is popular for its wear properties. The most comfortable and light shoes, despite the fact that it is completely leather shoes.

Підошву від Vibram's sole is use / used by global brands - Reebok, ECCO, Armani and many others.

Блог: Элемент: Почему клиенты выбирают масс-маркет? - Редагування Фото 3
Блог: Элемент: Почему клиенты выбирают масс-маркет? - Редагування Фото 4

2. Men's Chelsea CH1

English footwear, like everything associated with a foggy peninsula, is always associated with tradition and quality.
Surprisingly, the chelsea also have their own history, which is based on solving the problem associated with laziness.
The model of shoes was born thanks to one English queen, who was lazy to tie shoelaces on her shoes.
This was how comfortable half-boots with a round nose and elastic were constructed instead of lacing.

Our chelsea have a classic design with a round nose, a shoe adapted for a wider male Ukrainian leg and a light welt, so that the pair would fit into everyday clothes.
Of course, the super-lightweight outsole from Vibram is for those who do not like to sit still.

Блог: Элемент: Почему клиенты выбирают масс-маркет? - Редагування Фото 8

3. Men's shoes Q101

Each our new model of Q series shoes aims to be more and more ideal, round shape. The basis of design lies in the simplicity of forms and lines.

The Derby design with an open lacing type is made of black leather, which, when grinding, has the ability to change color to a unique dark garnet.

In the world it is endless to look at three things: how the water flows, how the fire burns and how the gradient of black color changes to maroon in a pair Q101.

Блог: Элемент: Почему клиенты выбирают масс-маркет? - Редагування Фото 3
Блог: Элемент: Почему клиенты выбирают масс-маркет? - Редагування Фото 4

4. Men's sneakers "Even One" and women's Muly "Hippo Red"

The revolution of the world's shoes created a new section of "comfortable shoes", as a result of which practically all footwear manufacturers began to include models of the sneaker in their lines, adding something from themselves, creating their own style of shoes.

Sneakers are recognized thanks to their sole. This is a solid element of rubber or micropores, has beads to which the upper part of the shoe is sewn / glued.

Our Even One model is made of gray leather, it has a solid upper part that is sewn to the rubber sole from Vibram.
Although sneakers are considered athletic shoes, it will be better if you put sneakers under your sports pants.

Mulis, «babushi», slippers, as they have not yet been called, but this footwear is universal.
Firstly, they can ideally fit your "smart" look, replacing uncomfortable boats with high heels.
Secondly, serve as a slap, which lazily move along the sidewalk on the way to the store. These shoes can be combined with everything, just starting from the color.

"Hippo Red" from ETNODIM are made of burgundy leather and velor, have a half-inch heel of rubber and leather sole.
A sharp sock and a deep, equally sharp neckline make a pair of exquisite, as they say, for "pedigree" leg bone.

Блог: Элемент: Почему клиенты выбирают масс-маркет? - Редагування Фото 3
Блог: Элемент: Почему клиенты выбирают масс-маркет? - Редагування Фото 4

5. Women's white sneakers SW1

The perfect combination of convenience and design, the lift is adjusted thanks to the hidden elasticity on the inside. As in the situation with the chelsea, the lack of lacing allows you to save time on training.

Therefore, for especially lazy or, to avoid bothering, we invented the ideal formula: In the summer - Mulis etnodim; In the spring - sneakers etnodim; In the autumn and in the winter - chelsea etnodim;) 

Блог: Элемент: Почему клиенты выбирают масс-маркет? - Редагування Фото 5

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