Interview with the founder of the Embroidery Day
Інтерв’ю з засновницею Дня вишиванки 15.05.2019 Especially until May 16, we decided to talk with Lesia Voronyuk, with the ideological inspiration of the Embroidery Day.
Day of embroidery, as one of the international holidays
День вишиванки, як одне з інтернаціональних свят 08.05.2019 The more people will support the Embroidery Day, the more scale it can achieve, and later become global.
Embroidery Day in Ukraine
День вишиванки в Україні 22.04.2019 A feast that causes the hearts of ukrainians a sense of unity.
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Літо - це маленька тропічна подорож, яку ти розділяєш з усім містом, а лляня сукня - це невідємна частина такої подорожі | Africa 🌴 ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ Photo @verkhovetskyi Model @kristina_buriak ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ #etnodim #etnodimdress #linendress #embroidery #linenclothi...

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Зовсім скоро ми відкриваємося у Львові, щоб вечорами разом гуляти улюбленими вузькими вуличками міста | Exploring city soon ♥️ ⠀ Вишиванка Onyx ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ #etnodim #embroidery #lvivgram #madeinukraine #madeinkyiv #vyshyvanka

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Сукня, у якій почуваєш себе частинкою літа | Temple2 🌺 ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ #etnodim #vyshyvanka #embroidereddress #linendress #embroidery #madeinkyiv #madeinukraine #

Buying an embroidered shirt becomes a good practice 

Buying an embroidered shirt becomes a good practice

These days embroidered shirts are in a fashion. Moreover, in 2014  they were top-buys  by Google. Most likely, embroidered shirt purchase is the point where  your motherland begins! This is a decent tradition, and we suggest supporting and cultivating it.
Every nation has its traditional clothes, however,  probably only Ukrainian shirts,  the hand-embroidered, have simultaneously patriotic and sacral nature. In Ukraine, from time eternal, the hand-embroidered clothes was presented as an amulet, a love and respect sign, from a mother to children, from a fiancée to a fiancé, from a wife to a husband. Then at now, buying embroidered shirts for whole family also means  patriotism demonstration and national spirit support. Take a look around. Have you seen so much beautiful youth in national clothes even several years ago? Have you ever enjoyed watching embroideries at celebratory assembly in schools or children's matinee in kindergartens? Are you familiar with the tradition of presenting shirts for holidays? Well, we may be happy for the Ukrainian nation.

Where to buy Ukrainian handicraft embroidered shirt in Kyiv?

Nowadays, embroidered shirts are sold everywhere: at markets, in stores, even in  underground passages. There is no point in the mentioned, as EtnoDim online store exist.

It is easy to make a choice on our website, as you can:

  • ✓ Look through the photos of item
    ✓ Get to know its price
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embroidered shirts for women

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We will assist you in buying Ukrainian handicraft embroidered shirt in Kyiv, the ordered purchase will be delivered not only all over Ukraine but also abroad.

How to choose an embroidered shirt?

EtnoDim online store offers a wide assortment of national clothes beginning from a embroidered shirt to an embroidered T-shirt. It is true, they are of attractive price here. However, not only price, color and nice weave should be taken into account  An embroidery is of significant importance too. When looking closer to it, deep symbolism may be noticed.
Each region of Ukraine has put its message into a picture, but these signs always were energetically strong, protective and assisting I family creation, power and health accumulation, saving and increasing wellness.

Each region of Ukraine has put its message into a picture


Floral or geometric patterns are the most often to see in Ukrainian clothes.

  • ✓ Flowers, buds ad leaves imply the birth and life infinity.
    ✓ The grapes symbolize the joy of family creation.
    ✓ The most widespread ornament is a snowball tree inflorescence. In ancient time, this symbol was connected to the Universe birth and race eternity.
    ✓ Rhombuses  denoted power and potency, and also fertility and generosity of the Earth.
  • Handicraft embroidered shirts in ethnic clothes store are the unique products of Ukrainian craftswomen, which perfectly mastered the art  of gorgeous patterns creation and have a good handle in national symbolics.