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ETNODIM представил новые свитшоты HOVERLA
A new collection of Hoverla sweatshirts recently appeared in Etnodim. Ethnics and embroidery always asociate with Etnodim. Although our sweatshirts are by definition basic clothes, and we did not deprive them of their Ukrainian content.
read more 05.07.2017
Будь как весна: с чем сочетать яркие вещи в гардеробе
As soon as the first buds appear on the trees, and the snowdrops poke out of the earth, the gray mood blows like a wind. I want to wear all seven colors of the rainbow at the same time.
read more 08.05.2017
Венецианская загадка лоферов
If there is in the world of shoes, the name of which tells the rest - it Lofer. English word meaning "idlers".
read more 26.04.2017
Эволюция кедов: от спорта и бунта к повседневному удобству
It is difficult to recognize the familiar to us shoes in the first sneakers that were invented two centuries ago. These are shoes which have linked long metal "teeth" to a sole for convenient walk on the sand.
read more 28.02.2017
ETNODIM в ритме города
The rhythm of the life in a big city is what you can fall in love with once and for all. Or to be born in this cycle and not imagine yourself without it.
read more 28.02.2017
Копи-паст в Tasi Litkovskoi
I'd love to share with you the photos of my secret place where I adore spending time by myself, thinking about anything and doing nothing. Nothing but reading and eating...
read more 18.01.2017
ETNODIM объединяет обычаи Маланки и современность
On January 14 Ukrainian clothing brand ETNODIM performed its first item from to-do list 2017 - photo shoot in Bukovina. For the presentation of the collection team visited one of the most interesting places in Western Ukraine, where Malanka is celebrated in a special way - Krasnoilsk village.
read more 18.01.2017
ТОП-5 подарков к Новому году и праздникам
In anticipation of the holidays we want to tell you a few ideas of how to become a magician, and how to give pleasure to loved ones on the night of St. Nicholas, New Year or Christmas.
read more 13.12.2016
Ваша остановка перед большим путешествием
Your home is a place where you can "dock" after a hard day, your own island of comfort in a blustery ocean. A place where you can create, dream, love...
read more 10.12.2016

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